Meet... Vanna

Meet Vanna, the other half of Nine Lives of Mine. A bit of a dreamer and a self confessed kook driven by what the wonderful world has to offer. Known to her friends to spontaneously book a flight and be MIA for weeks, months or years… Now back in Sydney to begin an exciting chapter of her life with her partner in crime, Christine. Together with their inspiration they bring a beautiful online store to share their loves, their finds and their favourites...


One of the things that makes life so fulfilling, is the people we encounter and build relationships with along the way. I’ve been fortunate to have several people in my life that have had a profound effect on me and touch my heart.


I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a very special man who in such a short amount of time has opened my eyes and shown me a world that has made me yearn for more…



Is it too clichéd to say Mama? Sorry guys but she is! My mum is a pillar of strength and I’ve learnt so much and continue to learn so much. She’s always telling me to push on and never give up. Another woman who has had a profound effect on my life is Eta. Words can’t even begin to describe the admiration I have for her - a true fighter and warrior of this world. Together these are two beautiful, strong, wise, altruistic women who I aspire to be.



A child in my life… My little bro. Nick is my 11 year old brother who I am forever learning from, a little man who is a little book worm that never fails to provide a fun fact and entertains me with his jokes, we talk about cars and go to the park to have a kick or a scoot.

A childhood memory… there’s so many! A wee bit embarrassing but my fondest memory of my childhood, is wearing my male cousin’s Spiderman costume/PJs that I wore everywhere and doing Elvis impersonations for my family. Yep Blue Suede Shoes and all... Also, my sister and I are so close in age that we naturally did everything together, we sang a lot of songs, took turns being Baby Spice and played a lot of dress-ups and role-playing, we shared a lot of bunk beds (I had the top bunk of course) and played a game called “London Bridge is Falling Down”.



Live. I live to learn from my mistakes, to have no regrets and to grow, I live for life and try everyday to make every second count. I’ve been fortunate to live in Bangkok, to call Israel home, make a difference in Cambodia, be roomies with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, traipse through South East Asia, Japan, America, India, China and Europe to listen, to see, to reflect and to learn. 



I go insane if I don’t go outside. I love the natural and peaceful setting of the outdoors, the fresh air comforts me, relaxes me and puts me at ease. The outdoors for me is a chance for me to reconnect with all my senses. I get this overwhelming feeling of calmness, liberty and freedom wash over me.

My fondest memory would be camping and hiking for over 40kms in the scorching heat of the desert in the South of Israel. That was incredible! I also love to cycle and there is nothing like the whistling of the wind in your ears and the rush you get as you zoom into tight spaces a motor vehicle can’t get into and fly past pedestrians. My favourite place to cycle would be at this abandoned air strip in the Moshav, and almost always to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean-pure bliss.



This daily ritual is always so invigorating and there’s nothing like the rush of water after a long day. It wasn’t only until a couple of years ago that I learnt the importance of being conscience of what you put on your body! I love the Sans Body Oil (I’ve raved enough about this!), and use Philosophy, Jacqueline Evans, Avene and lather myself in Johnson’s - still!



Food glorious food. Any excuse to enjoy it. I love it. All of it! I am thankful I have no allergies and intolerances to anything that can be ingested and so fortunate that I am able to try every culinary delight. Do I have a favourite? No. I don’t discriminate. I prefer home cooked meals to truly nourish the belly, I love to cook and can spend hours in the kitchen. I love a good roast and indulge in cheese. I like to experiment, I use a lot of spices and go above and beyond to satisfy every craving I have. Even if it means driving almost an hour in the middle of the night to get a meat ball sandwich. I am also that annoying friend you dine with who spends way too long pondering over the menu like it’s their last meal. 



I am driven by curiosty and wanderlust… The world is a stunning place, so big yet so small… I love stories and am intrigued and fascinated by people and cultures. I like to be pushed outside my comfort zone to discover my limits, to hear from others and grow. I will never lose the experiences and memories I’ve made whilst traveling, I’ve had the luxury to see some of what the world has to offer and to have a taste of the fullness of life. I wish that one lifetime is enough to experience it all!



I’ve learnt that it’s more important to give than to receive and  that the gift of giving can be so rewarding. I can’t say I have a favourite gift but I’ve been so lucky to have friends and family that know how to warm my heart. Christine got me a vintage spice rack for my birthday, which is the closest thing to perfect! I love that it has a story attached to it and I have a little bit of history and mystery in my kitchen. My sister got me a Magic 8 ball when I was a teen, which was bang on! Haha I can be somewhat indecisive and that Magic 8 ball has been a little saviour in trying times!