I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'M'...

For those that know me, I'm not a big chocolate lover. I don't rely on it, I don't crave it so I don't ever really have a desire for it. No, I'm not dead on the inside. The only chocolate I really like is dark and intense and there's really only one brand that I really adore… 
You may recognise these bad boys by their exquisitely designed packaging inspired by vintage couture and designer ties. Each bar is hand wrapped in specially designed patterned paper in house, one pattern for each of their flavours. Their packaging is amazing enough without what goes in it! Every year, the brothers reevaluate their entire line of chocolates and change the packaging—like a band changes album covers. The simplicity and thoughtfulness that goes into the packaging is enough to entice anybody to take their senses on a ride of a lifetime… In 2009 a pair of bearded brothers decided to try importing cocoa for their Williamsburg chocolate factory by sail. They hoped it would save energy, help lure environmentally conscious buyers, and, maybe eventually, cost less. Their ship finally came in from the Dominican Republic.The cocoa beans also come from Belize, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. Everything Mast Brothers uses is organic and direct trade, purchased directly from producers. The only “certifications” they embrace and need are direct connections to growers. 
This handcrafted chocolate is truly sublime. From the exquisite wrapping to the colour and fragrance, Mast Brothers Chocolate have truly outdone themselves. The production of these delightful bars is a labour of love. Every order is made on demand and nothing is left sitting in a warehouse.  Once the chocolate arrives at the Mast Brothers factory, there is a four-day process; beans have to be sorted, roasted, shelled, ground, sweetened, tempered to a glossy shine and finally wrapped in the gold foil and beautiful printed paper. Today, their bean-to-bar chocolate is found at well-curated markets worldwide and used in high-end restaurants like Per Se.
Friends, lovers and fans of Nine Lives of Mine, we have a secret to share… We are so excited and pleased to be sharing these delectable delights with you all! 
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*All images belong to Mast Brothers Chocolates*