You either love them or hate them.. 
It can be a struggle and is especially not welcomed when you're in a deep slumber and awoken by rays of sunlight creeping through your curtains/blinds and smacking your face like a cool glass of water. Not fun. But there is nothing -- nothing -- like an enormous arm stretch first thing in the morning, accompanied by a bear-esque yawn. It just feels so good.
I on the other hand is one of the lesser few who prefers mornings. I can jump out of bed at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 am and be ready for what's to come. Mornings mean a fresh start, I love that it marks a new day, I love taking a couple of minutes to take it all in and prepare myself for the day ahead. I especially love it when it's a morning that I can stay in bed for a little bit longer because lets admit it, who doesn't like a nice lie in? 
My favourite morning? Maybe Saturdays… I love waking up to the sound of the neighbour's lawn mower, the fresh smell of cut grass, accompanied with the gentle breathing of my partner and the light scent of sleep… Then breakfast. Pure bliss.
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