About us

Join us on this beautifully curated adventure of ours...

We at Nine Lives of Mine are purveyors of all things great. We are a general store that offers things that are near and dear to our heart. We at Nine Lives of Mine believe that every Man, Woman and Child needs to Bathe in the goodness of life, remember to Live and Breathe the simple pleasures, to Nourish the soul and most importantly, to Discover and to Give.


We at Nine Lives of Mine believe in life, new adventures and harmony. We believe in simplicity and sophistication, tradition and modernity, spontaneity and carefully thought through plans. We love things that are well designed, well crafted and not too complicated or fussy.

Nine Lives of Mine is a concept about bringing together parts of your life that define you, be it family, home, nature, beauty, health, travel and giving to those we love. We are about engaging our customers with products that promote embracing the simple pleasures, a happy home, memories and relationships.

Our store will be filled with wonderful wares from local and international brands that we personally source that our customer can connect with in a warm and humanistic way. Our focus will be put on the functional use of the product we range, and how it will help to promote the lifestyles of our customers...