Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active Body Exfoliator

Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active Body Exfoliator


Pure, chemical-free and highly active, Sans [ceuticals] is a new generation in beauty: a collection of products designed to renew the texture and appearance of your skin and hair.

Unable to find products that were highly active but also pure and chemical-free, Sans [ceuticals] founder, Lucy Marr, a recognised expert in the beauty industry, enlisted New Zealand’s top scientists to create a range of products unlike any other. 

Ultra-fine bamboo granules, shea butter, goji berry and cell rejuvenating vitamin E combine with powerful adaptogen technology derived from ginseng to boost hydration, minimise pores and plump skin by reducing transepidermal water loss. 


Key Features:

+ Removes the dead surface layer to allow better penetration of moisturising ingredients

+ Gives a fresh soft glow to the skin

+ Reduces inflammation and irritation often associated with harsh scrubs and exfoliators

+ For best results use weekly

+ 290g


Made in beautiful New Zealand.


Please contact to request free San [ceuticals] samples.